The Tom Hopkins memorial foundation was started by Toms children after his early passing from cancer. They wanted to keep their father’s spirit alive by hosting a softball tournament at Kennedy Park on a Friday night in the summer. Over the past 4 years, the foundation has raised over $100,000 and has helped over 15 families and has supported 8 local grade schools athletic departments.

Mission Statement

The Tom Hopkins Memorial Fund is a 501(c)(3) fund that was established in the summer of 2014 following Tom’s early passing from cancer.  Tom “Papa Hops” Hopkins truly loved life, living each day to the fullest, always inspiring his family and friends to do the same.  Tom was a proud supporter of youth athletics and a determined fighter of cancer.  Thus, The Tom Hopkins Memorial Fund strives to keep Papa Hops’ dream alive by providing support to local youth athletics and assisting local families who have been affected by cancer.

Papa Hops Committee

  • Liam Hopkins
  • Martin Hopkins
  • Tommy Hopkins
  • Brendan Lavin
  • Sean Hopkins
  • Joe Campagna Jr.
  • Anne Hopkins
  • Matt Hopkins
  • Dave Amraen
  • Nat Winters
  • Mike Haas